Friday, July 27, 2012

Zookeeper's Log- Putting the kids to work

Well, we are coming to the end of month one. This week was a tough one… looking at the same bones over and over again is really getting tedious. On a positive note though, the kids are doing awesome. Since this is the zookeeper’s log I’ll stick to that and save my whining for next weeks blog posts.

In the past few days Ellis has really ‘grown up’. It is exciting and sad all at the same time. She is good at crawling around and can easily get into and out of sitting on her own. She has started to get super vocal again and is all around a bubbly little girl. She loves being able to crawl to grab what she wants and is beginning to cause mischief. Her two favorite things to grab are a toy bucket (which she uses to drum on, this girls got rhythm) and Miles’ binky while in his mouth. Thankfully he is fairly tolerant. She’s also becoming quite good at taking notes for me J

Miles is also quite the helper. His favorite thing is to help sort the teeth. As he says, Miles is a “good dentist guy”.  He’s become very polite after we downloaded a cartoon about manners… he thanks us so much it kind of drives me crazy. We’ve created a thank you monster. We’ve also started back up on the potty training. I made him a potty chart and finally got him to go pee in the potty today! At home I got him to go pee in the potty quite a lot but for some reason here it is scarier to him. But he did it. Three more times and he gets to pick out a new car. Pooping will be a whole other battle…

We’ve gotten both kids in the pool almost every day this week. They really like it and Miles is getting better at swimming already. I’m hoping in the next two weeks I can get him comfortable enough to swim ‘on his own’ with his float. Fingers crossed.

Oh! I almost forgot! Miles made two new friends this week... here he is trying to show you 'Henry' (the smiley face I drew on his thumb... to match my thumb face). And below you can see his best buddy he met today! Miles and him hung out for a good 30 mins before he "left to go find his mama". He loved 'giving him kisses' and chatting with him. 

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  1. Now I'm all caught up. They are both growing up so fast. Make them stop. I knew this would happen. So Miles is the polite monster, nothing wrong with that. :)