Monday, July 2, 2012

"the" exit

Ryan and I got a lesson in navigating around Cyprus today... We set out to find the Kourion Museum in Episkopi, where all of the materials I need are housed. Google maps gave us directions and told us it was approximately 25k away. This is the only time you will probably ever hear me say this, but thank goodness I took so much math in school. While there is no way I could ever pronounce the Greek words at least I could copy the letters down on paper. Here is just an excerpt from our 'trip'.

Me: "Go right on 'sum' 'pi' 'alpha' 'alpha' 'delta' squiggly line"
Ryan: silence
Me: "It should be the fifth right"
Ryan: "Here? There are no signs..."

(Turns out there are very few street signs in Cyprus, and even if there were, Cypriots don't know street names they only use landmarks/destinations eg. the road to the beach... not so helpful for non-locals)

At which point we turn and instead of the road we thought would take us 1k we end up in a dead end with a random horse. Yes, a horse.

Also, how do you know you missed a turn to stay 'on' a highway? Your road ends. Yup, that happened too...

Finally, and this is the best part, google maps gave us great directions with street names (which no one uses and aren't posted), distances etc. but our directions to get off of the freeway were "Take the exit". That is it. The exit. Ok. No problem. Guess we'll figure it out when we get there? Surprisingly enough, the one thing google did not label for us ended up being the most obvious and easy to follow direction.

Moral of the story, street names, directions etc are all just complicated details. Pick the right cardinal direction, take the exit and wing it.

*We did make it to the museum :)


  1. Yeah! I knew you could find it. A lesson from Mom... Winging it works. Fascinating stuff from Cyprus. I'm thinking while you're down there Ryan should create a map. :)
    Have fun! Take care of my babies. Miss you guys already.

  2. I also have to wing it from unfamiliar places. Thank goodness I have a good sense of direction.. Good luck!