Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Don't Drink the Water...Drink the Beer

It's no surprise that in a lot of foreign countries its probably not a good idea to drink the tap water. So, as a traveler, you get used to buying bottled water and making certain you have it with you all the time. Here are some examples of when not to drink the water:

1. On the street in China
2. In a small village in Chile
3. In a small village in Rajasthan when offered it to wash down Opium an old man offers you
4. And so on....

Above are only some of my experiences where, luckily for my health, I didn't drink the local water. As for the Opium, I didn't try it, but that was for other reasons of judgement and could be considered a subjective matter.

As for Cyprus, the water is fine so its not really an issue, but it does bring up a good point. Other than water, what else is there to drink? Well, beer, naturally!

Beer has been considered the great social lubricant. Monks have brewed it for centuries and throughout that time the beverage has spread around the world in one form or another. Local beer, among other drinks like coffee, liquor, and so on are just a part of the cultural experience of traveling to a new place. Here in Cyprus, the locally brewed beer is Keo. It comes in a can or a bottle and fits in nicely at the beach or pool and is suitable for every hot day. It will not discriminate against morning or afternoon, Monday or Saturday (or any other day of the week) and at only 4.5% alcohol by volume, it could be considered a session beer (i.e. you can drink it all day long). Ok, let's be serious, I'm getting carried away here. Besides, I have to work remotely while I'm here. Not just relax by the pool and drink Keo. At any rate, however, it's better than Carlsberg or Heineken. And to commemorate my first local beer, I had a photoshoot. So please enjoy.

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