Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Celebrating our independence from the British with the Brits?

Most of you are just beginning your fourth of July festivities... drinking, eating and of course fireworks. I have to say I'm pretty excited that my sleeping children won't be woken up from fireworks at midnight (yes, I'm that lame old lady now... those damn kids and their ruckus!), but it is a very strange thing to be 'celebrating' a national holiday internationally. More importantly, very odd to be celebrating our independence from the British in a largely British tourist spot.

I was curious as to how things would 'go down'. Would there be some unspoken hostility? Complete indifference? Well, no. Not either of those things. Instead there is some mild celebration. Apparently fireworks do happen somewhere on the island (the museum director Antonias was talking about them but between his thick accent and my poor geography knowledge I have no idea where). Even more strange, all morning they were lighting off fireworks right next to the museum... at the Royal Airforce Base. Yes, there are a few US troops stationed there, but it still struck me as strange. Here is the British military celebrating America's independence from them. Maybe they are thankful we're out of their hair? With all of the political craziness going on back home I can't say that I blame them (don't worry, I won't turn this into a politically inclined blog... I don't have the energy).

So, to all of those back home, enjoy your holiday, your beer, your food and your freedom from the British. Rest assured they are enjoying their freedom from us as well :)

Ryan decided to enjoy his holiday break by tagging along to work with me. Don't worry, I took him to a nice 'work lunch' at the beach.

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  1. Happy 4th of July! I hope you, Ryan and the kids have a wonderful holiday. Scheduling nabbed me and I flew out on the 3rd... right through the holiday and popped out on the 4th just in time to sleep after being awake for 22 hours.
    I'm glad to here that there is a celebration down there. My friend is celebrating in Norway on our behalf, too. :)
    Coors Light was involved. :)

    Love you! See you soon!!!