Sunday, July 1, 2012

Forgetful Me

Two things I conveniently forgot about Cyprus: 1) it is HOT and 2) the drivers are crazy.

Ok, so I remembered it was hot, in that people ask “what is the weather like there?” and I reply “it is really hot, like over 100 degrees”. That is all fine and good. What I forgot was what over 100 degrees feels like. And what dealing with that heat with jet lag feels like. It is not fun. The kids don’t seem as bothered by it, thankfully. Except the fact that Ellis is a little sweat bucket and holding her in this heat is miserable.

We took the kids to the beach today, and the sand is so crazy hot you cannot walk without shoes (again, forgot that part). Miles still had a great time. Poor little Ellis though, she was not happy. She was so overtired, and my plans to have her nap peacefully at the beach were just that, my plans. She, on the other hand, wasn’t feelin’ it. She was hot, I was hot, I could not get her to sleep. It didn’t help matters when, in the midst of our mutual misery, this family strolls up with their two older kids and toddler who is passed out in a stroller. They transfer him to a lounge chair, strip him down and he peacefully continues to sleep (until my screaming baby wakes him up, my bad!). Ellis was so good on the plane I figured I’d give her some credit and assume she could handle a beach nap. To be fair, she probably can, I think the combo of the jet lag, heat and all of the new sights and sounds were working against her. We will try again. Miles liked the beach though. He is nervous about going in the water, but I get that, it is totally new. He started having major meltdown towards the end of our trip. Again, I think it was the jet lag combined with the heat. It was one of those moments where I mentally store it away to remember that next time a see a kid melting down to not judge… they might not be a total brat. They could have traveled for 26hrs the day before. This is one thing I’m constantly trying to improve on… not judging other parents I see in public. I think we, as parents, judge ourselves enough.

Crazy driving. So they drive on the ‘wrong’ side of the road here. Confusing, yes. Weird, yes. Dangerous? No. Cypriot driving regardless of ‘side of the road’, however, is flat out scary. I remember when I was out here last, the person driving was terrible. My friend Katie and I would always remark about how awful he was. I remember him making a comment that to drive here you needed to be crazy and aggressive to fit in and be safe. Katie and I thought he was just making excuses. Nope. He was right. You do have to be crazy and aggressive. I have a feeling Ryan might expand on this topic as the past two days he has been the driver (we don’t get an automatic until tomorrow and I can’t drive a stick). But the main idea is that we live on a hill that is very steep. This translates to switch backs all up and down, blind hairpin turns every 50 meters or so, and the fun part? The lane is not wide enough to fit two cars. Even more fun? People drive FAST. Like really fast. Like fast if you were on a straight road all alone fast. But our road is not straight, and only has room for one car. Yes. I think you get the point. I may have a heart attack… actually, more likely I’ll start driving like a crazy woman and be nuts when I come home. Consider yourself warned.

A very generous section of road (both in quality of pavement and width). There is another hairpin turn behind me.

Random Thoughts:

Everyone was pretty jet lagged today, so after a star viewing party at 2a local time, Miles and Ryan decided to sleep in until 9:30a local time. Here is what I found when I peeked in to wake them up:

Love it. Ryan is ‘camping’ in Miles’ room with him for a few days and Ellis is snuggling with me in the bed until they get used to the new rooms. With the way Ellis dominates the entire bed I’d say she’s adjusted just fine. If only pesky mom would move and let her have more room…

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  1. Oh... such a cute picture. And she will get used to the warm.