Thursday, July 19, 2012

Visitors Welcome!

As you may have guessed from previous posts, Ryan's mom and sister (Kathy and Paige) were here visiting for 8 days! They left early this morning on the long journey back home to the west coast, but it was so nice seeing familiar faces out here. Makes you feel like you are not that far from home :)

I think the heat took its toll on our travelers, but really there is no way to prepare for this kind of 'weather'. It is hot and not all that enjoyable (particularly when you are used to the mild Seattle summers). But they were good sports and let Ryan and I take them out in the sun at least a few times! Even more impressive, they both slept in the loft which has no air conditioning! Talk about troopers.

Miles and Ellis had so much fun playing with them for such a long stay. I don't think even Miles has had the opportunity to hang out with Grandma for that long of a period before. I loved hearing Miles and Aunty Paige singing 'dinosaur train' in the back room and playing freeze dance. And seeing Miles and Grandma cuddling up and doing stories on the iPad. Of course Ellis stole both of their hearts, as she has a way of doing that. She absolutely loved flirting with Grandma and Paige.

Kathy and Paige were able to travel a bit in France before coming over to the island. Its so great to see a  mother and daughter enjoy each other's company so much and have such a great time even through stressful conditions (as all travel can be trying at times). It reminded me of traveling with my mom (which I don't do nearly enough of) and is such an amazing example of the relationship I hope to have with Ellis when she grows up (and Miles too, of course).

After more than two weeks away from home I think they were both ready to return to familiar faces and places. We can't thank them enough for coming all the way out here to visit!

PS Miles keeps talking about the next time he is going to play/swim/etc with Aunty Paige and Grandma!

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  1. Oh... so sweet. You need to travel more with your Mom! Soon. When the kids get bigger you and your sisters and I are going to have travel vacations together. :) Love you!