Monday, July 16, 2012

Bad apple... go with the berries.

Three months is a long time to live anywhere, so we needed a phone. There are two convenient options, buy a cheapo phone (30 euro or so) and prepay for minutes, so no plans. This was our initial plan, but we've been having difficulty finding a place to get a phone at. Other option is to buy a SIM card and put it in your own phone. Awesome! That is for sure what we will do... then I could keep using my iPhone.

Ya, no. This is the first time since owning the iPhone where I have been jealous of Ryan's blackberry. As you can see from the picture, the iPhone SIM card is significantly smaller than the SIM card we purchased. Note, the SIM card we purchased fit perfectly in Ryan's phone and even worked. You may have also noticed the knife in the picture... this is my great idea on how to manhandle a SIM card to make it work in my iPhone.

One may ask, "why bother? Just use Ryan's phone." Great point. However, Ryan will be leaving us for at least four weeks in which case we'd have to go buy another anyways. Also, Ryan gets service here (granted its expensive), so if we have another phone then we can actually communicate in an emergency. So, I decided to hack away at the big SIM card. 

The knife... well, we don't have any scissors in this house. Nail clippers wouldn't give me the straight lines I needed, so dull knives it is. I sawed away at this thing for a good 30-40 mins (see action shot). I think I did a pretty stellar job for eyeballing it with two dull knives, one of which was too large and unwieldy and the other a serrated steak knife. I thought I had achieved success until I put in in the little SIM card holder and a small sliver of the chip was covered. Bust. I think I blew it :( 
Turned it on anyways and tried it out. At first, success! The SIM card was locked (as it was supposed to be) and my provided password worked! One bar of service... not much but hooray! Tried to dial my mom... Call Failed. Wah wah. (even though the finished product looks pretty good, in my opinion)

But after a few minor adjustments... 

Still no luck. So, the hunt for a phone continues. Although I'm tempting to give the SIM card another shot and buy some scissors...

*Update, we did buy a phone and all is well. I was told we could go to Limassol to get a SIM card stamped for an iPhone, but after 2hrs of being lost in Limassol in 1 square mile (more to come on that story), I'll pass.  :) 

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