Friday, August 17, 2012

Zookeeper's Log: You make me happy when skies are gray...

Ah the weekly animal update…

What is there to report this week? Well, Ellis is becoming a giant. She is huge. She can also stand up quickly at anything and has found a new love for all things food (or all these that look like food, ie bugs). She is extremely difficult to get pictures of these days. On top of her quick movements, she has started to ‘cheesey smile’ like her brother… great. Here are a few of the better photos from a mini shoot this morning.

She is a total ham (again, just like her brother). If you laugh at something she does she will get the biggest grin and continue to do it over and over… she loves making people giggle. She also loves to dance! I let Miles watch a show (Super Why) during dinner and when the songs come on all three of us are arms in the air bouncing… one of my favorite times of the day!

Also, despite having still not cut any of her teeth she’s been working on, she has slept one 8.5 hr stretch for the past two nights! So proud of her!  Unfortunately Mr. Miles has been waking me up instead! For some reason the past two nights he’s liked to ‘snuggle’ which isn’t as snuggly as it sounds. And wakes me up a ridiculous number of times. But hey, he’s adorable so I let it slide.

Miles loves to run. Like all the time. I don’t know where he got it (maybe the Olympic trials?) but he’s started doing an actual track start, which is hilarious. What is even more hilarious is how serious he gets when I say “ready, set, go!” Sometimes he needs a few extra seconds of ‘focus’ before he takes off. I love it.

Mr. Miles has also become quite the smarty pants. My favorite Milesism of the day, he put his finger to his cheek and looked up to the sky (the thinking position) and said “Hmmmm…. Let me think, let me think. It’s 7 o’clock which means… its time for a snack!” I don’t know how he was only 10 minutes off on the time, but his little let me think act was beyond adorable. I’ll try to catch it on video. Also, having now mastered the English language he’s decided to start speaking Spanish! A few of the shows he watches has some Spanish, but I didn’t think he was actually picking any of it up. I was so wrong. Sitting and playing with blocks this morning he starts counting them “Uno, dos, trees, taco, sink”… close enough for me! I was shocked. I still am shocked! He is extremely difficult to get pictures of these days too… here is his photo shoot from this morning.

Yup… my kids are nothing alike. Little goobers.

 That is all for now… just one week before my parents come out to play and only 2.5 wks before we get to come home! Can’t wait!


  1. The counting is hilarious! Can't wait to see you it when you get back. I'm flying home on Monday!

  2. Oh... these two are so cute. I miss them so much. We're going to have a great time when we get there. I love you guys. See you soon.