Friday, August 3, 2012

Zookeeper's Log- A new addition to the family

Well, another week has passed. This was an exceptionally trying one, as I have been putting in as many hours as possible trying to get the bones done and then having the kids on my own during the evening and weekends (which started today for us as it is Kelsey’s birthday). I have to admit, taking care of the kids on my own for three days is more than a little daunting. I’m telling myself it only seems so stressful because my time away from them is very busy as well and there really is no down time in my day or week. Well, that is not entirely true… 7:30p and I’m free (minus the times E wakes up). But I digress… this post is not suppose to be about me, but about the kids!

It has been a crazy week for them. It started off last weekend with a serious of very unfortunate accidents for Miles. All of the hitting the head variety. Here is one particularly nice knot to show off. The bonk that led to this actually was not very bad, but I think its because he had hit that same spot hard two times previously. So he bounced into a wall (which is concrete), rolled off the couch, fell backwards off the bed onto the tile floor and ultimately hitting the back of his head on the wall, and finally got an elbow to the forehead while wrestling. Bad week for his head. I made the comment that he must be growing and hence the lack of coordination… today I realized he doesn’t fit in several of his pants. Just to reinforce the suspicion, today he fell off of his chair (backwards), fell off of the couch and hit his hip, fell backwards off of the steps outside twice (once hitting the same hip again), and fell off of a laundry basket he was standing on. Ok kid, I get the point. You are crazy and uncoordinated right now… stop getting hurt! Poor guy.

Ellis is not doing much better in the ‘bonk’ department. While she only really got the crawling thing down last week she has already moved onto standing up on things. Particularly things that like to slide out from under her. Remember we are on tile. These kids are going to give me a heart attack. This picture was actually from the beginning on the week and her skills are already far surpassed this stage, but until I get another picture…

Here are some photos from our last weekend at the beach before Ryan left. Ellis has become quite the beach bum… her and Ryan make quite the pair. Miles must be the only kid on earth who does not like the beach. He likes digging, but hates if sand touches his feet and will rarely touch the water.

Oh, speaking of Miles… he is potty trained! No diapers all week (except at night) and only two accidents. So proud of him. He has definitely consumed more sugar than any 2 year old ever should, but we’re phasing it out and he still seems to be getting the point. Hooray! Just in time to start preschool when we get home!!!

Also, I’ve been sleeping in his room now with him (this is what I walk into at night)… How did princess Ellis end up with the largest room all to herself!?! It is actually the first time she has slept alone in a room at night. It’s the only time I’ve ever not slept in the room with her unless I’ve been out of town. It was surprisingly difficult for me. I kept thinking I’d hear her and wake up to go check on her… of course she was out. So I woke up every hour just for fun, basically. Last night, after her waking up every 1.5hrs until midnight I ended up passing out until 6a… I don’t know if she woke up or not but I guess if she did she wasn’t that angry about me not getting her :/ Sad that I felt beyond refreshed after 6hrs of sleep J

Lastly, we got a new pet! Miles and Ellis are both in love. Miles calls him “Mr. Green”. They both spent over two hours just playing on him (well, Ellis spent two hours trying to eat his eyes). Miles even floated around on him in the pool for a while. Definitely a good addition to the family J


  1. They are so cute. And I remember Miles mother freaked out when her little feet touched the sand. He is just like you. Be careful with those bonks. Really looking forward to being there! Soon. This time will go by fast. I'm amazed how grown up they are.

  2. I seem to remember a couple of those green gators with us growing up too ;)