Thursday, August 9, 2012

The week with no posts...

Wow... it is already Thursday and I have not done a single blog post! I am so sorry! Now here is my excuse :)

Life has gotten beyond crazy around here. I'm hoping I survive it for a few more weeks! Here is the schedule I've been doing everyday:

6a (sometimes 5:30)- up with Miles, Ellis follows shortly after
Breakfast, dressed, play

8a- leave for work
Stare at bone fragments for 8+hours....

4:30p- leave work to be home by 5p
Dinner, play, bath bed

7:30p- Both kids asleep (usually) and now my 'work day' begins. 
Reports, conference calls, proposals all for my job back home.

12ish- prep for the next days work and clean up my notes

1a- hopefully in bed and hopefully asleep... Ellis usually wakes up at least once before 6a when the fun begins all over again!

I use to think my life was crazy, but now I know it is. So, there you have it. No blogs, despite having lots to say, because I just haven't had the time. I'm neglecting work as we speak just to post this! I have, however, looked at and catalogued  38,114 bones so far. Don't worry, I will have the zookeeper's log up tomorrow. 

And, so this blog isn't completely devoid of some unique Cyprus experience, I saw both an ATV and a tractor driving in the middle of downtown during rush hour today.... you don't see that in Seattle! Also, it has been beyond hot here lately. And humid. I'm pretty sure I sweat a good 3 liters of water a day... no matter how much I drink I feel like I'm always at a deficit. Word on the street is that in a week or two the temps will start going the other way. I cannot wait to get back to mild Seattle weather!

Lastly... we are coming home earlier than expected! I've been making really good time with the bones and we will be back Sept 6th instead of the 21st!!! So excited!

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