Friday, August 24, 2012

Zookeeper's Log- Another week bites the dust!

Well, it looks like the blog has officially been relegated to only Fridays for the time being. Good news is I’m getting a lot of work done, bad news is I’m working a lot J

So this week with the kids… where to start?

Last Saturday Miles and I had a ‘hot date’ to the water park. It was a lot of fun. I’ve discovered that I can talk my timid kid into most things as long as it’s just him and I and we take our time… so we went down some waterslides! The first one we went down was smaller and slower but it was part of a big super intense pool with water squirting everywhere etc. Last time we went he wouldn’t even get in the pool… this time I got him down a slide! After that we went on the lazy river together and ‘looked for animals’. Along the lazy river we passed these crazy tube slides that were super high and what does Miles say? “I want to go down those!” Um, really? Ok.

We put on his water wings, grabbed our double tube and climbed up the six flights of stairs (yes, it was huge). He hesitated at the top, but I got him in the tube and off we went. Holy cow it was fast! It was fast for me! We were flying and shot out of the bottom… moving so fast we skidded across the water! He wasn’t a fan of the speed, but was a good sport about it. Don’t think I’ll be getting him on it again, but I’ll at least get a picture of it to show everyone.  Overall we had an awesome time… so much fun we are going again tomorrow!

Miles has also been a little terror with Ellis. He really likes to make her angry. His new favorite 'game' is to put a cool toy in front of her and as soon as she moves for it he rips it out of her hands and roars at her. After a full day of causing mischief, he goes ahead and does this unprompted! So he must like her at least a little.

Ellis is her super cute self. She is standing so well now and looks so comfortable moving about. She can stand holding onto just one of my hands, squat down to pick something up and stand back up no problem! Ryan and I kept talking about how she was so much further behind in crawling etc than Miles was at the same age… well now I think she is a lot further than he was.  Crazy! She also gave me two nights of 11.5 hrs of sleep straight! Granted I still woke up every 2hrs… but she was happier J Now she’s waking up at least once, but still way better than what she was doing before.

Other news for the week… we caught a chameleon in the pool! Super cool… we fished him out with the pasta strainer and the instantly turned a light ashy color with black spots trying to match it! I didn’t get a good picture of it at the time, but you can still kind of see the spots here.

I think that is all for now… my parents come out to visit on Monday hooray! Then the following week we head home! 

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